Fergus Byrne is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, sculpture, drawing and event curation. Underlying much of the performance work is the practice of life modelling of which he has extensive experience. In performance he tests the materiality of his body, sometimes combining such action with spoken word. Through rigorous physical discipline                                                                               he creates mesmerising performances.

His writing has been published in and gives a clear sense of his multidisciplinary approach to art. This is exemplified in ‘Fragments on the Performance Collective’, in Performance Art in Ireland: A History and ‘On sculpture, the body and dance’ originally given as a performative lecture at DLAF. Other published texts are ‘Magpie’ an IMMA commission for the show ‘Self as Selves’ and ‘Eyeballs in the Air’ (Pallas Heights 2003 – 2006)

He is a member of the Visual Arts Centre in Dublin, Ireland and his practice has been funded by The Arts Council of Ireland.

Contact: info@fergusbyrne.ie