First shown at 126 Galway in solo show ‘ Dog Skipping Pegasus’ in conjunction with Skip Drawings


‘Siblings’ is a film by Fergus Byrne, featuring Megan and Jessica Kennedy and brothers Keith and Dan Kennedy. Camera: Paul Murnaghan. Sound Slavek Kwi and Regan O’Brien. ‘Siblings’ was made with the support of An Chomhairle Ealaion and Dance Ireland.

The Wrestlers: notes on a sculpture

The statue, ‘The Wrestlers’, in the National Gallery of Ireland is a copy by Giovanni Piamontini of a Hellenistic Greek statue from 300 BC. The film studies the statue from a practical point of view through the eyes of wrestlers and martial artists; Emmet Nolan, Dave Zike, Peter Malone, Daniel and Keith Kennedy, and dancers; Wolfgang Hoffman, Thomas Butler, Meghan and Jessica Kennedy. Reproduction of The Wrestlers was courtesy of the National Gallery of Ireland. Locations were Hercules Gym and Joe Carslake’s Ju Jutsu dojo. Cameraman was Paul Murnaghan.

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‘Breath’ is a video work made in 1998. It was originally projected in a cell of Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin during ‘Sculpture in Context’. Graham Watson assisted in laying and removing slates and Fergus Kelly helped on the soundtrack. The action was also performed as a live event on a number of occasions that year.

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